On evening walks before the "trash day" in my neighborhood I always see dozens of household items on a curb by trash cans lining the streets. These items, on a death row, are awaiting their final toss into the jaws of the garbage truck compactor.

I often find these items in a pretty good shape. An old foosball table? That's a nice addition to my backyard entertainment. A pile of used 2 x 4 x 8 studs? That's material for my open face garden shed. A claypot with soil in it? What a gift to a gardener!

A lot of these items can easily find a second home. Maybe this is the reason the owners often leave these items on the curb and not inside of the giant 64 gallon trash can.  Perhaps they hope that someone, like me, will drive by and pick it up before the jaws of death destroy the items and send it into the incinerator?

There are a few groups on NextDoor, Facebook, and Craigslist that allow you to post "curb alert" items. Some people do this ... but this approach is inefficient and not rewarding. There is friction. Therefore there is an opportunity ... to beat the truck.